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Video Camera

Short Film Production & Distribution

Producing the stories of leaders that made a difference

Regal Roye produce, market and distribute informative short films that dissect the most challenging issues facing modern business in an increasingly digital, post-Corona environment. We engage the proven expertise of market trailblazers and thought leaders to create high quality digital content for distribution on selected major media networks across the Internet.

Short Film

Creative Production

Telling business stories to an international audience

The production team at Regal Roye work closely with the highly experienced, design, marketing and video editing teams at RegalRoye. Together with our in-house content writers and expert collaborators we produce engaging, interview based short-films featuring industry leading businesses telling their success stories relating to the most challenging issues of the day. By understanding the stories behind the facts we strive to create polished interest pieces suitable for distribution on the largest online media platforms.

Our ambition is to create short-films that stimulate brand promotion, build audiences and inspire thought.



A full pre-production process with our experienced writers, producers and directors.
Planned to perfection.


Full-service location shoot, or studio interview.
Work with our in-house or celebrity guest interviewer and our own experienced location film crew.


Our editors, colour graders, sound engineers and graphical artists will finsih your film to the highest of industry standards.
The film is now ready for distribution.

By Invitation

Expert opinions for the business stories of the time

Our marketing team conduct online research projects to identify the business leaders best suited to contribute to each production. Currently contributors participate in our stories by invitation only. For further information about this process please feel free to get in touch.

Writing Letters

Content Distribution

Context is paramount. Content with context is the key to a successful distribution concept. Nothing says more about content than where it is anchored and how it is distributed. Having content on a leading publisher platform dictates to the audience that the content is of high value and aligns with the quality of content that publisher produces daily.


By carefully choosing our collaborators and distribution platforms we ensure our content achieves valuable engagement with relevant audiences.

We believe in debate, we believe in passion, we believe in business. Regal Roye is designed to create platforms for organisations around the world to inspire business, people, and communities. Our stories are produced to challenge established ideals, to press the bruises of stakeholder pains and dissect the disruptive solutions that change industry for the better.

We work on core and current topics from disaster recovery and planning to climate change and sustainability, we drive the solutions you provide into the global spotlight and create opportunities to deliver your message and promote your brands in new and powerful ways

Short-Films for Business

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