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How to get more likes on your Facebook page

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Facebook is used by millions of people, and is an obvious choice for promoting your business online. But when building a brand on facebook, a lot of people forget the value of Facebook likes. These days, people’s news feeds are often crowded, and it can be hard to see how likes on your page translate into people viewing your content. However, there are two ways Facebook likes make a big difference to your brand’s online profile.

What can Facebook likes do for your brand?

First, more likes on your business’s Facebook page means higher credibility in the eyes of potential customers. If you have 300 likes while a competitor has 20,000, they will appear to have more expertise and be more trusted by the public. So, it is in your business’s interest to include Facebook likes in your marketing strategy.

Getting likes on your Facebook page also creates a larger community you can invite to join a ‘group’. Although it can be difficult to get people to see your content just through them liking your page, if a portion of your followers joins a group, you can target them directly with your marketing and get far more traffic to your posts from there. More likes means more potential members of an engaged group.

Getting more likes with ad campaigns

One of the simplest ways to increase your facebook likes is to create an ad campaign. Facebook adverts are a relatively cheap way to reach a lot of people, and you can also set your ad objective to focus specifically on increasing page likes, making this one of the most direct and effective approaches to grow your Facebook page.

Read the article below for facebook’s in depth guide to creating Facebook ads, or read on for the key elements of an effective page likes ad campaign.

Who should you target?

A lot of advice surrounding Facebook ads focuses on their wide range of targeting options. However, when it comes to getting more likes on your Facebook page, you should keep your audience as broad as makes sense for your business. A like is a like, whether or not it’s from your ideal customer, and Facebook will not target anyone who has already liked your page in this campaign.

Remember that the number of likes on your profile looks good to potential customers whoever those likes are from, and that you can find your target audience from within your page likes with an invitation to a group. So, the only filters you should be applying at this stage of your ad campaign are geographical ones.

If you are marketing a smaller brand or business, your instinct may be to stay local, but a local or small business actually has even more reason to run a global ad. This is because some countries are cheaper to get likes from than others according to Facebook’s ad pricing. This means you can get those all important page likes up and increase your credibility on a budget that works for your brand.

For bigger or more established businesses, it can be worth the extra expense to target specific countries where your business generally operates, such as limiting your campaign to Europe or English speaking countries depending on your supply chains or the language your business operates in.

Setting a budget and keeping it cheap

One of the reasons a Facebook ad is an affordable way to increase page likes is because of their budget-setting feature. By setting a budget before you even begin designing your ad campaign, you can control how much you are willing to invest in increasing page likes, and adjust this later depending on the success of the campaign and your marketing goals.

You can also set a limit on how much you are willing to pay per like. This will affect which countries your ad is targeted to. Facebook advertising as a rule is a relatively cheap way to promote your brand, so you should see results whatever your budget.

Customising your ad to maximise engagement

Once you have started to create your campaign, there are a few ways you can customise the post Facebook users will see.

First, the ad format will have a link to your page with a picture attached. This picture is usually the profile picture you have chosen for your facebook page, but if you want you can change this picture on the ad to appeal more to new customers. For example, your profile picture might be an image of you, or your logo, but for your ad campaign you may decide to use a stock photo which conveys the product or service you provide.

Next to the picture, the Facebook ad will have a short description of your page, taken directly from your page’s ‘description’ section, and appearing alongside the picture in the preview almost like the beginning of an article. To change this part of the ad, you will have to go back to your Facebook page and edit your description to read how you would like it to appear in the campaign.

Finally, you can add ‘primary text’ above the link, which appears almost like a status under which the page is being shared. This is the place where you can really sell your page. Focus on the benefits liking your page will bring to the people seeing your ad. Is there something your content will teach them? Will they be the first to find out about new offers on a product? Can you show them more of a particular product? Emphasise the positive impact your page will have on their Facebook experience.

The other thing to keep in mind when creating your primary text is to keep it simple and brief. Remember that liking your page is a low effort form of engagement for the people seeing your ad, and keep it easy for them by making the benefits to them clear and not giving them too much to read or including complicated explanations.

In 2021, Facebook likes can seem a little outdated to go chasing with how crowded people’s feeds are, but they can be the first step to building an engaged community around your brand and driving up your profile globally.

To learn more about effective content marketing and how effective it can be for you, click on the link and you will be directed to our main page for more details.

If you would like to know more about building Facebook branding contact Regal Roye today and we'll get you started.

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