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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

How to help market yourself and get real instagram followers.

But hang on… Has the algorithm changed?

So many people think they need to keep reinventing their posting strategies to fit around a constantly changing algorithm! Do not despair. The algorithm gets scapegoated and it gets scapegoated hard. See the algorithm isn’t necessarily changing- the people who say that it is just might not be hitting the right mark. No offense intended.

Now the truth is out, let’s jump in.


Use your hashtags on your reels, never neglect those tiny interlocking lines they are gold dust. Grow your instagram engagement HASHTAG.

Find what you like, see what other people are up to; what value do you get from these people? Try and replicate that value in your own posts. Be it for entertainment, inspiration or education.Track the trends, they change quickly here on reels.

Organise your messy self! Make a posting strategy at the beginning of the week. Write down some trends you are interested in, fail to plan, plan to fail. Posting a reel every one or two days is a sure fire way of increasing your following quickly and efficiently.

Why creating shareable graphics is so important to Instagram growth

During 2020 we saw the rise of shareable info-graphics. The helpful friendly carousel of new information really appealed to us this year, it also really appealed to the algorithm. Text heavy graphics can perform really well on instagram, they keep people engaging for a long time and get a surprising amount of likes. Not to be posted too regularly, make the graphics high quality, the information trustworthy and post them once a week.

Make Vulnerable Posts

If you want to increase your engagement with your audience it could help to speak your truth a bit, get vulnerable. Sharing what you feel passionate about could connect you deeply with people, because they are just that; people. Bonus; you get a hefty instagram boost. Empathy is the key to increased reach and engagement.


What’s your story?

You gotta get your face out there. We have been talking about connecting to your followers and remember; your eyes are windows to the soul, show them who you are. This will optimise your impressions and engagements.

Give it a couple days off every so often. Too much of anything is never good, create a bit of demand; duck out for 24 hours and then when you return and bless everyones screens your reactions will have had a nice looking spike. Trust me it works.

Live streams are great.

This is how you get people to directly empathise with you and develop deeper connections to your followers. Build trust, interface and increase your followers, even better; loyal followers.


Take the first step to uncover your brands true potential.

Let’s scale, together.

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