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How To Grow On Instagram In 2021

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

London Digital Marketing Agency - Regal Roye Organic Instagram Growth Hacks

How To Grow On Instagram in 2021

Best Instagram Growth Hacks

The Instagram algorithm is changing every month it seems, therefore more than one strategy is needed to gain followers and high engagement on your posts.

Organic Activity

Commenting And Liking On Other Peoples Posts

Daily commenting and liking on similar content and pages to yours, specifically targeted at active users. The activity should be focussed on providing value when commenting on posts and liking on post that are actually related to your niche.

Please Note: Automation tools that carry out activity no longer work and your account could potentially be banned or limited regarding audience reach if you use them.

Also Instagram has a daily limit that you can only make a total of 500 actions a day. This includes following, likes, and unfollows. And with comments you need to keep those under 12-14 an hour, with a 350 – 400-second break between each one.

Main Feed Posts

Good quality content is key to gaining high engagement on posts and more followers. Also consistent posting between 4 and 7 times a week on average.

Posting at specific times of the day is also essential. Looking at Instagram insights (available if you have a business/public profile account) you can see what time of the day people engage most with your content. From insights you can also see what audiences in which countries and cities are following your page thus you can tailor your timing to the time zones of your larger audiences.

Post should follow a uniform theme, colour scheme, look and feel. When the feed is consistent potential followers instantly know what your about and will start following you and engaging with your content if it's familiar, similar or better to pages they are already following.

Story Post

Still a powerful tool to gain followers when you include the hash tag per story, swipe up feature and link to main feed posts. These can increase your follower count, profile views and post engagements. We recommend posting 5 to 10 story posts daily .

Instagram Live

Lets users stream live videos to their followers through their Instagram Stories. It’s great for building engagement, connecting directly with your users, sharing news, and establishing your brand.

But maybe you’re thinking, “Isn’t live streaming just a passing fad?” Well, let’s look at the numbers (Source: New York Magazine and

80% of audiences would rather watch a livestream than read a blog post

82% of audiences would rather watch a livestream than see a social media post

67% of audiences who watched a livestream bought a ticket to a similar event the next time it happened.

Live videos are popular—and the trend shows us that they’re here to stay. That’s why it’s so important that your brand understands how to use Instagram Live and leverage it for your audience.


Displaying story highlights with eye catching icons helps with your page overall appeal to potential new followers. It helps with making potential new followers know what your page is about and is generally an important tool to gain new followers.


IGTV has the ability to make Instagram a more dominant player in the social media industry. With this in mind, your business can utilize IGTV to showcase more behind-the-scenes content of your products and the overall message of your brand.

Popular IGTV Content Ideas:

• Sneak Peeks: Short clips of what goes into the creation of your product. • Meet the Team: Show the viewer the human side of your brand and introduce them to your company. • Informative Segments: Teach your audience something valuable or provide a solution they can implement.

Similar to Instagram Stories, these videos are a great opportunity to come off personable and approachable for potential followers, customers, and the casual Instagram passer-bye. With the objective being to generate positive growth and a more loyal community for your brand.

Hash Tags

Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags on your posts will boost your results. But that doesn’t mean that just any slightly-relevant hashtag will do. When choosing your hashtags, make sure they are relevant to your post and your audience.

Using super popular but irrelevant hashtags will only serve to look spammy and get you the wrong type of attention. Beyond ensuring that your hashtags are relevant, you should also research them.

Don't use too many popular hashtags

Will high volume hashtags be the best Instagram hashtags for your brand?

Sure, there might be a lot of brands using popular hashtags but the competition is also fierce.

This means that the more popular the hashtag is, the less chance your post is likely to be seen for it.

Instead, try using a mix of different types of hashtags, from super niche-hashtags (for example, from 100-1000 posts) to some middle-of-the-road hashtags (that have hundreds of thousands of posts) to a few highly popular hashtags (with millions of posts).

Your allowed to add up to 30 hashtags, it can certainly be tempting to use them all. But in 2020 using up to 15 hashtags can be just as effective or better than using 30 in most cases. Too many hashtags in your captions can look messy and even a bit spammy. And the Instagram algorithm is aware of posts with that spammy list of hashtags back to back in captions or comments and will reduce your post reach in some cases.

Don't use the same Hashtags over and over again

Instagram frowns upon it. Plus, it won’t allow you to learn which hashtags work best for your brand. You’ll more than likely be stuck reaching the same audience over and over again.

Hashtag Hack (Sprinkles)

In your post captions if you could sprinkle your hashtags in the sentences in a subtle way this can actually be more effective than a list of hashtags back to back.

Content Remix Method

This when you take ideas and inspiration from other viral post and recreate "remix" it with a unique twist.


Non-Organic Methods That Still Work

Shout For Shout

When someone reposts or shout-outs you out on their page and vice versa. The pages would be in the same niche and be similar in size to yours. Both pages would be exposed to each others followers therefore both benefit.

Power Likes From Engagement Groups

This is a combination of likes and comments carried out by bigger pages on your page within the first hour of posting. The Instagram algorithm favours post liked by big accounts and will more likely put your post on the discover page which will bring more engagement and ultimately more followers.

Paid Ads

On specific posts that require more exposure with the intention to lead them to profile views, engagement and followers. When done right this a super powerful tool.

Hyper Followers Method

Big and small giveaways depending on budget you can do small ones that will be giveaways specifically aimed at your niche. Have the competition run for longer period to gain a large amount of followers.

Click on the link to see how effective we can be for you.

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