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Essential Tips for Better Social Media Engagement

Connecting with your audience on social media is crucial for your brand and business. Social media is a breeding ground for consumers; make a visually and verbally captivating post and the potential for social sharing is endless. Here are five tips to create the best posts for better social media engagement:

1. Use an Attention-Grabbing Visual

Posts with a relevant image get 94% more views than those without relevant images. People will notice a photo of beautiful scenery or an adorable animal before they notice the words — but make sure you’re complementing your images with quality content. An amazing visual won’t make up for sub-par content. If possible, always try to include images or videos with your social posts to optimize clicks and shares.

2. Optimize Content for the Platform

Posting to Instagram? You better have a captivating photo or enticing video. Crafting a tweet? You have 140 characters or less to grab your followers’ attention. You should also think about who your audience is and how you’re trying to reach them. If your target audience is 18-29 year olds, Facebook is your best bet for the most engagement because 82% of that demographic that’s online uses Facebook. If you’re trying to reach Internet users who are 30-49, Pinterest may be the best platform for your content because 36% of those users are active on the platform. In short: think about what type of content you’re creating and who you want it to reach, and don’t be afraid to adapt your content to different platforms so you’re increasing your chances for engagement.

3. Incorporate Trending Hashtags

You’re probably familiar with the power of hashtags, but using them the right way is vital. Too many hashtags can overwhelm a consumer and turn them away, maybe even resulting in an unfollow or “hide post.” Try using hashtags for national or “fun” holidays — it’s the easiest way to ease into using hashtags, and i’s a great way to reach users outside of your normal following. A post as simple as “What kind of donut are you going to get today? #NationalDonutDay” is a great example, because the hashtag ties into a trending holiday and is a fun way to engage with your audience.

4. Post Regularly

People like routines. Checking their social media pages is probably one of the first things many of your customers do in the morning and one of the last things they do before they go to sleep. Make sure you’re posting on a regular schedule. If you can’t post everyday, at least engage with other posts daily by liking, retweeting, or commenting to show you not only push out your own content, but also care about your audience’s posts too.

5. Be Personable & Accessible

You want to come off as transparent and accessible to your consumers. The more personable your content is, the better people can relate to you, and they may be more encouraged to buy your product or do business with you. Including accurate information in your posts is imperative, and make sure to provide attribution when necessary. Social collateral is the perfect way to get your social media pages out there and let your customers know how they can find you online. Email flyers to your contact list, pass them out in the office, and make sure your social pages are linked on your website. You want your brand’s social pages to be easily searchable.

Remember: think visually, optimize content, use hashtags, post regularly, and be personable. Incorporating these five simple tips in your social media strategy will build social media engagement across all your platforms.

What are some tips you have for increasing engagement across your social pages? Let us know in the comments or contact Regal Roye and we'll get you started!

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