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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Are you having trouble with getting new followers, engagement, profile visits and reach with your Insta? Ok... that’s fine, lets try and sort it.

Let’s start with an activity I like to call the feed test: Open instagram, click onto your profile, and cover up your content. Now, with your content covered up-ask yourself the question; does my bio make it crystal clear what I’m all about, what my content is all about? If the answer is no, it needs work. Clarity is paramount. It’s the first thing people see, make sure they know what you do, make sure your bio can stand on its own.

Ok, now reverse the process. Cover up your i.g bio and ask yourself; does my content match up with it’s promise, does it communicate clearly? Make sure of this, because if people catch a whiff of uncertainty and inconsistency they’re out.

Now let's help with your engagement on IG.

We need to first get to know the algorithm, and the algorithm’s favourite food is interaction. Call to actions call the algorithm into action, give your followers something to do, try and get people to message you, comment on your posts, answer a question on your story, get VISIBLE.

Here are some useful CALL TO ACTION prompts that will help you interface more with your following.


This is great if you post a lot of carousel posts. The first page should include the words “swipe next”. It seems insignificant, but those simple words connect directly with your audience, it’s a promise and a connection; swipe next to see what else I’ve got to say, It’s worth it.

2. “DM ME”

This is for those people that dont want to publicly acknowledge your content, but are happy to in private. Instagram still recognises this and promotes your instagram with this interaction in mind.


This call to action says; If this resonated with you, share it to spread the message. These things proliferate.


This is great for longer, educational posts. Tell them to save it so they don’t forget it, because instagram will not show them again and your content will drift into the cosmos, unsaved.


A timeless classic. This call to action speaks for itself- like and comment on my post, boost my engagement, boost my followers.


Content strategies to get your content to more people.

Insights is a great place to start when applying yourself to the problem of REACH. All the metrics are there so be meticulous. Find out which posts are hitting with the most people and double down on that content. Analytics baby.

Implement a rigorous reels content plan. Seriously. Make it a part of your day to day content plan. REELS are being pushed more than any other feature within instagram, it’s a competitive market so ride the wave. Post consistently; frequency matters when getting more visibility and reach. Start out with one reel a week and then when you can handle that start posting more, and work your way up to 5 times a week. This is a sure fire way to increase your reach on insta.


Take the first step to uncover your brands true potential.

Let’s scale, together.

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