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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Get instagram followers and more likes

Let’s talk about instagram reels by first talking about Tik Tok, I know; the world is a crazy contradictory place. Seriously if you want to get more likes on your reels, but don’t have Tik Tok you’re in trouble. Tik Tok is still the leader in short form video making, trends are born here at a baffling rate- this is where it all starts. Tracking these trends as they arrive here is going to give you the advantage.

Getting sounds from Tik Tok gives you the edge, but how do you know which sounds are trending? Start with looking at the sound and see how many Tik Toks are posted under that sound. The sweet spot is anything between 20,000 and a 100,000 posts of that sound. Anything above that has gone mainstream; it is at cruising altitude and people are bored already, anything below that is still parked on the runway. So hit that sweet-spot and catch those sounds on their ascent (not to stretch the plane metaphor too far).

Reminder: find these sounds on Tik Tok.

Ok next- Keep your reels short. Instagram can tell who is watching reels from the start to the end, if a video is getting watched all the way through instagram will prioritise it. So make it short; a starter not a main course. There’s IGTV for that.

Maximise Reach And Get More Followers With These Tips on Film Quality.

The algorithm is a quality snob. Make your videos HD and get loads more likes. So modify your settings:

  • Head over to your instagram account

  • go to settings,

  • then go to account,

  • then to data usage and enable high quality uploading.

Boom! You are one step closer to 4K, ultra-HD- retina display glory.

While you're here fiddling with your settings, turn OFF “Lose Less Cellular Data.” This will also help with the quality of your Reels.

CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION! Slow internet means low quality reels, make sure your internet connection is strong as an ox before dropping your content.

Another good pointer; Be careful with how many times you upload and redownload your reel. This applies if you are uploading a Tik Tok onto an online watermark remover to remove the Tik Tok logo so you can put your video onto reels (excellent instinct by the way). Your video will lose quality as it gets uploaded and downloaded and uploaded again. Instead; make and edit your videos all on Tik Tok, Screen record the Tik Tok, edit and crop the screen recording and upload onto reels. Now the quality will still be slightly compromised, but it's a whole lot better than the alternative.

Final Tip.

If your content is not performing like you wanted, do not be discouraged, do not delete. Reels hang around for ages. So patience is key because when all hope is lost, weeks after you’ve posted, the algorithm can smile upon you and start putting your reel in front of thousands of new potential followers.

Final, Final Tip.

It’s a simple one. Make strong original content, be confident. Don’t just recreate, whats trending, make it your own, build on it.


Take the first step to uncover your brands true potential.

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