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Why is it important to stay active on Instagram?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Social Media has evolved as the mode of communication with regards to sharing pictures, exchange of information, discussion platform, and marketing services too. There lies a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to express opinions and market their valuable services to the distinguished crowd. Instagram is one of the most used social media platform registering thousands of new users every day. Instagram account has become a part and parcel of many lives eventually. Millions of users are active and review posts at least once a day on their Instagram accounts. Obviously, the influencers and those who wish to convey a message to the public need to be proactive and interactive to reach their audience.

Users may pop out for a while and rejoin the conversations at a later stage. However, if you are not regular with your account and posts, the users may find your page or the conversation lines stagnant and overlook other accounts. To keep your followers from leaving and disconnecting from your Instagram page, it is essential to keep updating regular pictures and posts. This way the page visitors will remain interested and stay connected with you through likes, comments or shares. The to and fro conversation should be steadily on to let the followers know you are consistent and connected. Here are a few reasons why staying active on Instagram helps to strengthen the relationship with your potential followers –

According to a research, 73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram.

1. Generates Traffic

When you keep updating your Instagram page regularly, the followers are up-to-date with your latest happenings. The visitors, who visit your page, may convert into loyal followers if your wavelength and interest levels are the same. The ultimate goal of your pictures and posts is to drive more audience to your Instagram account. Millions of users log in to check for recent updates, blogs, and information about a specific topic. Unless you are active and lively, there is a high chance that users merely scroll down your posts. There is no point in having a huge number of followers who do not connect or engage on your posts. You can even add a link to your blog or webpage or youtube channel to let the users know more about your interests. Your posts should be exciting enough to compel the users to click on the link so that you can redirect traffic to your desired social medium. 2. Loyalty and Reliability

With so much competition revolving around you on Instagram, many users post similar posts and pictures every day. In order to ensure followers engage religiously to your posts, you must post creative and unique content. You must be honest as far as possible while posting anything personal to build the trust of the users. Deem as a trusted source once the followers start believing in you. It will end up in a strong connection and add more followers to your Instagram account. Display a positive aspect of your personality to your visitors through your pictures and posts so that they get curious to know further and follow you on Instagram without any further delay.

3. Stay Aware Building Relations

Instagram is one of the strongest social media to build fierce relationships with your followers. A lot of people use Instagram to stay updated on current affairs, brands, and other news around them, or know what is happening with their followed accounts and influencers, that too within no time. Therefore, when your account has a strong online presence among the rest, you can draw the attention of the followers easily. Showcasing your traits and happenings with your followers adds to the personal connection and user engagement. It gives the visitors an opportunity to engage thus increasing your chances of being viewed by more users. Interacting with your followers is a good way to keep them involved and let them feel noticed. As an influencer on Instagram, you wish to add more and more numbers to the list of followers. Even if your target audience is inactive at a given point of time, it shouldn’t affect your updates. This helps in raising your credibility among your followers. Your Instagram activity makes your account look fresh and active and increases the glance of visitors. And if your posts are exciting to the visitors, in no time the same visitors will be your account followers. Additionally, when you go through other similar accounts, you will get an insight into what attracts the users. You can look for the most liked posts and analyze the reason for the same to ensure better future posts. You can take a peek into the engaging posts or pictures to help you plan your future posts and pictures. It is important to know about the information that your followers are involved in.

4. Sharing and spreading information

When you share premium quality content, it will not just be liked by the visitors of your page, but also they will glad to spread the message around. You can get more audience to view your content and follow you on Instagram. Your personality traits and personal details are further known to many other people on social media. Your exposure is multiplied, thus creating awareness of your thoughts among larger audiences. Not updating your account can let the visitors get bored soon and get disconnected with your account. Remember, there are others who are eyeing the followers and can easily take advantage to seize the attention of the Instagram users. Conclusion

To draw more followers to your account, it is important that your loyal followers engage with your posts frequently. Information passed on through other followers is considered more reliable as people believe in the feedback of other users quickly. Nurture relationships and build a good image among the audience by staying updated with regular posts on your Instagram page.

To learn more about the using Instagram to your advantage and how effective it can be for you, click on the link and you will be directed to our main page for more details.

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