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Your New Instagram Engagement Routine.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This is gonna take you less than ten minutes a day and will get your engagement through the roof. These methods work.


Be responsive, show the algorithm that you are consistently interfacing with your followers. It’s social media. Get social. So go in every day on your recent posts and take ten minutes to respond to the comments you haven’t replied to yet.

Say hello to any new followers you have.

Go to your following, scroll down and look for the blue ‘follow back’ button next to your followers names. You don’t have to follow them back, but say hi, tap on their username and record a voice note, introduce yourself, ask them if they have any questions about your content. It’s good relationship building and good relationships with your followers means stronger, longer engagement.

Send a message to the new people you are following.

Same logic as before, but this time message the new people you are following. Networking and building connections with other people in your niche is important market research. Don’t be spammy, be human. Send a compliment rather than an open ended conversation starter that puts too much pressure on the recipient. Hello reader, I love the way you read.

See, that felt good didn’t it. DON’T BE VAGUE, BE A DELIGHT.

Browse through the tagged photos of an industry leader in your niche.

And engage with their followers and the people in their tagged photos! They are all potential followers, so connect with them by saying something specific and insightful about their content. Ask yourself do they look like my ideal follower? If the answer is yes- go get ‘em. Don’t engage with everyone and their cousin, just the ones that fit the bill.

Reach out to the most recent commenters on your posts.

Head to their account, comment and like their posts. Pick out five people and like their top pictures- comment on one. Be thoughtful. The algorithm notices this and puts you all over their feed, and their followers and so on and so on… Show some love.

Boosting your engagement does not need to be a full time job, just carve out a bit of time and talk to the people that like or might eventually like what you’re selling. That’s what it’s all about -remember?

3 Reasons While Digital Marketing Wins Out Over “Traditional Marketing”

Remember Fax machines? No me neither.

These analog processes feel ancient, but that was all we had before the internet swooped in and digitised our inferior minds. Let me share with you three reasons why digital marketing has changed the game (for the better).


Digital marketing is precise and targeted. Compare a precisely targeted online ad, informed by keywords, buying habits and general consumer personality to a billboard. Throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks is not an effective marketing strategy. Putting the crosshairs on your ideal consumer is. Kevin wants to buy new tires, he is on instagram and what do you know; a tire advert appears, Kevin buys tires. What if; instead Kevin was driving past a billboard selling new tires, but Kevin drops his donut in the footwell, Kevin goes to pick it up and doesn’t see the ad. Kevin does not buy tires.


With digital marketing you can track exactly where that buyer comes from, you can pin down exactly what advertising material has inspired them into a sale. This information is crucial so you can double down on the marketing strategies that work. There was no trail of digital breadcrumbs when it came to fax, just a lot of noise and a lot of grief.


Ok so you know who you are aiming at with your marketing, you know if they’ve bought your product; where they are coming from, but that data can be subject to change and when that useful sales data changes- so too must your marketing strategies. Now this was no small feat back in the day, if a billboard was not performing, the replacement of that billboard is an expensive and long winded operation- no thank you. Now with the advent of rapid analytics and simple testing programmes, with quickly editable content and website designers- you can tweak to your heart’s content, making your marketing more and more effective.

The only downside to digital marketing is that everyone is doing it, so be thorough and get competitive.


Become one of the popular kids!

Digital marketing has evolved over the years. There seems to be a lot of noise about how to funnel people to your site- it doesn’t need to be that complicated, I’m going to break it down. Here are your magic five:


Whatever content you’re making, be it blog, vlog or podcast; it’s got to add value to peoples lives. Make the effort and make the effort consistently. Social media is a hungry monster, it never stops, it is never satisfied- it falls to you to feed the beast and feed it good- don’t stop! Sure, content marketing works, but if the product you're selling does not live up to its promises; you’re dead in the water.

2. BUY IT!

I’m talking about paid ads. Paid ads on ALL of the apps; Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc. You’ve paid with your time by making good valuable content, now lay down the dollar. You have to spend a bit to gain a lot when trying to drive up footfall on your site. Any substantial business relies on buying traffic- it means you can scale the business and the number of visitors heading for your offer.


Collaborate with people who have a substantial following or a hefty mail list then try and get access to it. Pay them a small commission and borrow their traffic source. Alternatively; try to get your content shown on other websites or channels, borrow their traffic too, piggy back your way to success.


This applies if you have an ‘opt-in’ option on your channel or website. Someone has given you their email, their information and has invited future communication. You are building your email list-now you have them; keep sending them emails, marketing material and recycle their interest in your product. That extended contact does wonders for boosting traffic on your site. Incentivise them, remind them you are here offering them something.


So someone arrives on your site, and they can’t fork out for the $500 for your platinum toilet brush you are selling, no problem. Run retargeting ads, offer them testimonials, create a sense of urgency, or simply give them more information. That person was interested enough to click on your product; they just need a bit of encouragement to add it to their basket. You are retargeting this person, the right person. KA-CHING! Happy brushing.

Pick one of these methods to begin with, master it and see what happens. Then when you're ready build up to a few more. You will be surprised how these methods will bring up traffic on your website or channel- thank me later.

Here Are my Top Ten Favourite PPC Tools to Help Drive Traffic to Your Online Business.

Lets deep dive into some sure fire ways to get all of the benefits from your online marketing strategy and stay in the know when it comes to e-commerce advertising trends. You want to save your precious time- time saved means you can be more efficient with the results you deliver. You need TOOLS and AUTOMATION.

Try and hang on because there might be some jargon flying about, but I’ll try to make this as simple and as painless as possible. It will be worth it. The benefits of online marketing are just ten steps away.


Adalysis helps you double down on what’s working with your online marketing campaign, and ditch whatever’s not. Google Analytics is great, it’s thorough, but it’s a full time job- so hire a tool, because automation means time and time is money. Adalysis is a great tool for managing what we turn off and what we turn on when it comes to our ecommerce campaigns. You should check it out if you want to become more efficient with your ad copy testing.


Some of you who have been in the game a while will recognise this golden oldie. Microsoft users rejoice! This (Windows only) desktop app will allow you to scrape the results from your online marketing content and from these results will offer you countless long-tail keyword ideas to reap all the benefits from your PPC’s. It will get you some cool data and help you think outside of the box when it comes to the keywords you are using to sell your stuff.


One of the biggest hitters when it comes to ad analytics, Google Analytics is your new best friend. Turn insights into action. Google analytics offers you tons of useful and exclusive reports on your content made from google adwords. Comb through these results, see what is making people click and see what is making people ick then act accordingly. There are no limitations to online marketing when you have this trusty tool gripped firmly in your hand.


Keyword Tool will let you enter any keyword you want to in their search box and the tool will scrape Google’s auto search results and give you what it finds in all their possible keyword variations- like a safecracker. This tool will show you the language people are using when searching, this language will help you get creative with how you manage your online marketing campaign and give you the advantage.


You can use SEMrush as your all in one competitive research tool. What you can do here is find out how competitors are performing in their marketing campaign, how much reach they are getting, their analytics etc. and then from this information you can strike like a coiled viper, let them do the work for you and respond with your own strategy. It’s a jungle out there, once you understand your competitors strategies you will be more informed on where to go with yours- Improve, adapt, survive.